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What happens if it rains?

Bicycling is an outdoor event, and it may be windy or raining during the winery tour. We don’t generally cancel for unsettled weather unless we consider it to be too wet or windy to cycle during our operation hours.

For this to occur we would have a weather forecast for Hastings district showing rain in excess of 1.5mm per hour for two or more hours or winds in excess of 30 km/h during the period of 11am to 4pm on the booked date. These readings are taken from the MetService website: Please note, Napier and Hastings have different forecasts and can experience different weather on the day.

If the weather doesn’t look enticing for a bike ride, please call us first to confirm the forecast. Weather is rarely as bad as it looks, so give us a call first if you don’t intend to come or you may lose your deposit or be charged the full amount.

If the winery tour cannot go ahead we will either try to accommodate you on another day (subject to availability) or give a refund.

Can I bring my own Bike?

No. We are a bike tour company with the theme of wine tours, so we would prefer that you use our bikes. If you bring and use your own bicycle we will still charge you the full rate as if you had used one of our bikes. This charge will cover access to our exclusive route, any breakdowns or flat tires you may encounter and wine collection from the wineries whilst on the tour. So, why have the hassle of hauling around your own bike, it won’t save you any money;  use ours and if anything happens, we will immediately take care of it.

How long will it take?

We would recommend that you make the wine tour a whole day activity. Depending on the number of wineries you visit and time spent at each winery it will take the best part of a whole day.

We estimate you will spend at least 30 to 40 minutes at each winery doing a wine tasting. then approx 20 minutes cycling between each winery. So, one hour per winery you wish to visit. If you start at 10am, you can easily do five wineries. If you start later, you will do less.

Please note we do not hire out bikes after 1pm

How many wineries can I visit?

During summer you can visit 7 wineries on the weekends and 5-6 wineries on weekdays. Over winter this is reduced to 3-5 wineries Wednesday to Sunday.

Please note: winery hours do vary and are subject to change without notice.

What is the best time to start?

We open at 10am in summer and 11am in winter.

Best time to arrive is about 10am to 10.30am we can get you on your way fairly quickly (11am in winter). The wineries are fairly close and you then have until 4pm to return the bikes.

Do I need to make a reservation?

For weekends, yes!

This website gives you up to the minute availability. Online bookings do stop for the day once we have opened, so if you are enquiringly after 10am then its best to call.

Most of the time during the week you can turn up and we will have bikes available.

For larger groups it is essential that you get organised and book a few weeks in advance. We certainly don’t wand you to miss out on a great day’s bike ride.

Do I pay a deposit?

Yes! When you book online you will have the choice to either pay the full amount, or a non-refundable $10 deposit per person and pay the balance when you arrive.

It is the responsibility of the person booking to get the deposits from their friends or whoever is coming.  We will charge everybody the day rate less the deposit when you arrive. If fewer people come on the day, the deposit for the non attendees is not refunded.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

If you paid a $10 deposit per person, it is non-refundable.

If you paid the full amount:

  • we will refund the amount paid less a $10 per bike admin fee.
  • Cancellation due to bereavement or health reasons will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

If On Yer Bike cancel the day’s tour for any reason, we will return the deposit or give a refund. See section on cancellation for details.

If you do not turn up, we will retain all money paid.

Cancellation after commencement of booking: You will receive no refund once you have turned up and taken the bike out.

Where can I eat nearby?

There is a cafe at Ash Ridge Wines – our base – which offers Tea, Coffee, Cheese and Antipasto platters.  Abbey Cellars offer a cheese board and pizza.  Te Awa winery has a restaurant, but is best to book first as they may have other functions on. There are no shops or farmers fruit outlets on the route. If you are unsure, bring a picnic of your own to enjoy on the way.

I don’t want to drive, how do I get there?

We don’t have a pick-up service.

There are no bus routes to our rural location.

If you don’t wish to drive use The Village Shuttle. Prices for 2-12 people are from $45 per shuttle (one-way) from Hastings/Havelock North and from $65 per shuttle (one-way) from Napier CBD or $75 per shuttle (one-way) from Ahuriri/Westshore. Call The Village Shuttle on 0800 777 796

You can drive to our location, and leave the car overnight, at your own risk, to collect the next day. We can organise a taxi for you when you finish the tour, and you can collect the next day. Let us know your intentions when you book in.

Does OYB offer a pick up service?

No, we don’t have a pick-up service. We have negotiated great rates with local taxis. Call The Village Shuttle on 06 877 7632.

Can we ride in other areas?

We have decided to concentrate and provide the best service in the Bridge Pa Triangle / Gimblett Gravels area. As a result we do not take the bikes or riders to other winery areas.

Am I Cycling on the Road?

Not unless you want to – which we don’t advise.

Since the addition of the Wineries Cycle Track you follow the lime tracks on the side of the road. It is one of the safest places to ride and very bike friendly. There is only one section where clients are on the road for 400m.

Do you do group discounts?

Of course!

We have discounts for groups of 20 or more for bookings on Monday to Friday only – not weekends or public holidays.

Go to the Groups Menu to book. Please note: full payment in advance is required to get the groups discount.

Are there places to stay nearby?

There are several good motels and lodges in Havelock North and Hastings to consider which is only a 15 minute drive away. Go to  for listings.

If you are in a camper van or self-contained motorhome, there is Hastings Top Ten Caravan Park not too far away in Hastings City. Napier Top Ten Caravan Park further away (25Km). There are no camping sites in the immediate vicinity of the wineries.

I have a Camper Van, can I stay nearby?

There are no camping sites in the immediate vicinity of the wineries.

If you are in a self-contained motorhome, and wish to freedom camp then the closest place is Puketapu Domain which is about 10Km away. You also have the Eastbourne Street car park in the centre of Hastings, Clive Domain Car park next to the river, and Haumoana Domain on the coast some 25Km away.

If you are not self-contained or require a powered site, there is Hastings Top Ten Caravan Park not too far away in Hastings City. Napier Top Ten Caravan Park further away (25Km).

Hastings Region Council byelaws state that you can only camp in designated freedom camping areas or operated sites.

Do you have bikes for children?

Yes, we have one child trailer for 4-8 yr olds. For children 8-14 years we recommend that they share a tandem with an adult. Adult bikes are suitable for children over the age of 14 years.

Do you have child seats and how much do you charge for this?

Yes, we have two types. It all depends on the weight of the child. Smaller children can sit in the front, maximum up to 15kg. Our child seats in the back of the bike have a safety limit of 22kg. We charge $15 for the child seat. You can add a child seat to your booking.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes. Helmets are compulsory in New Zealand and client safety is paramount.

Do you have eBikes, rickshaws and triciclos?

No, sorry, at this point we use only traditional bikes.

What should I do if somethings happens to the bike, i.e. I have a flat tire?

Bike tires don’t like glass or jumping on/off the pavements, but it can always happen so be ware of that. If you have a flat tire or something breaks on the bike, give us a call and we will be there as soon as possible with a replacement.

What happens if I have an accident?

If an accident does occur, stay calm and call 111 first if you require medical attention. Call us too, we will do anything we can to help you.

We highly recommend that all renters contract their own travel or personal insurance. On Yer Bike is not responsible for any type of accident as described in the rental agreement and rental waiver.

What happens if my bike gets stolen?

First thing to do is to contact us and we will arrange to report it to the police. Our insurance for bike theft means we charge $350.

Do I need to pay Online for my reservation?

Yes, we do not reserve bikes if they are not paid for online first. You can always try your luck, walk in and check for availability.

…or Contact Us

Send us a query. If its a booking, use the booking form.

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