Considering bringing your own bike?

Over the years we have tried to accommodate people who would like to do the winery tour on their own bikes. Each time we have faced issues of flat tyres or mechanical problems in one form or another. Many times this has led the customer to either cutting short their tour and missing a few wineries or face the prospect of walking their bike back several kilometers to our base.

Now, our final answer for anyone wishing to bring their own bike is – No, please don’t!

We offer a good service which is included our daily hire rate: A working bike – which we will immediately replace if anything goes wrong with it, a helmet, a basket on the bike to hold your personal items, a route map, and collection of your wine purchases from participating wineries.

If you choose to do our winery tour, then you must use our bikes and we will take responsibility to maintain the bike and and it  if it stops working. If you still insist on coming on one of our winery tours and using your own bike the price will be the same as if you had taken one of our own bikes.